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A line is a force that, similar to all elementary forces, is active, ... and it borrows its force from the energy of the one who drew it.
— Henry van de Velde (from Ornament and Abstraction: The Dialogue between non-Western, modern and contemporary Art, Fondation Beyeler)

The ocular-centric  word ‘image’ seemed to me to be an insufficient term to convey the complex multisensory and synaesthesic experience of seeing or making a drawing.  I became interested in cognitive science, neuroscience and the embodied mind. I began to ask: What makes an image transcend the symbolic and the representational? How is a drawing or a 2D image embodied by the mind? How does the body present itself in your mind? Does the body ‘scan’ itself and present a multisensory textural image/sensation in the mind? Lines, forms and shapes are residues and imprints of physical sensation.  Drawing the embodied line is the foundation of my art practice.