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Infinite Body

Infinite Body: Vessel Pod Gourd Shell Veil

The closure of the world and of individuals upon themselves is due to a fear of opening, of that which remains without limits, boundless, and is assimilated to emptiness or chaos. It corresponds in a way to that which the Greek philosophers designated as apeiron and tried to exclude from their world. The world, like the logos and the speaking subject, thus became enclosed and cut off from a living becoming because of a desire for mastery and a fear of opening.
— Luce Irigaray from In the Beginning She Was

The notion of body as apeiron – infinite and indefinite, limitless and without end. In the ‘potter’ verses of the Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam bodies are cups, jugs, bowls, vessels, gourds, touching, pouring, liquids, fluids, flowing, lips, hands, circles, cycles, spinning. Bodies are made of the clay of the earth, of the bodies of others, of eons of time. Resisting a defined corpus. Resisting representation and symbolism. Instead embodiment. It 'is' and not 'it stands in for'. Imagery of the body is alive. The body is infinite.