Photography Project: Postcards of Women

Reclamation: Bodies of Dead Angels

 As an artist, my practice is inseparable from that of a woman at home, inside looking out. Making among my things, household objects around me. Creating worlds, shadowboxes, small things on stages, collecting, cutting, pressing. Spinning truth together with fiction, mixing the colour of personal memory with other women’s pasts, and exploring current issues women face. The personal and intimate embodied life of a woman is fascinating to me. Yet her image has been ‘taken’ in so many ways. My current work revolves around 19th century postcards of women:

The bodies of dead angels? - beautiful faked images of women whom cannot be resurrected to be asked about their truth. How can we ‘know’ them, or begin to deflect the ‘gazes’ including our own that are falling on these women?

Trying to rescue ‘her’. Reclaiming a look, an emotion, reinstating inner life, decolonising, reinstating the body and it’s sensations. Breathe life into ‘her’ again, not as truth but as an impossible longing to memorialise ‘her’ as she might have been. Exploring a dangerous territory, and living between ‘East’ and ‘West’. Using a shadowbox I made, and vintage lenses, 35mm film, projection, collage, ink, personal things, inescapable memories inside the body. Resurrecting Ornament to adore, adorn, raise up, or to entrap the ‘evil’ of the gaze.